About TrackTown Canada

There’s something special happening in Edmonton.

People are building amazing things in this cooperative city; legacies that have profound impact on our community. Edmonton has a very unique cooperative spirit. There is no aristocracy here. The businesses, events, initiatives, and discoveries we’re most proud of were built from the ground up. And the results are impressive.

TrackTown Canada was born out of this spirit.

Whether it’s creating a community, new technology, or even a sporting event, there’s a sense of pride that comes from building something great. We want to share TrackTown Canada with you. We want you to help us; to build something truly special together.

We want this to be your town – TrackTown Canada.

By supporting and getting involved with TrackTown Canada, you are working with us to co-create a culture of excellence that transcends sport, culture, health & wellness for the City of Edmonton for generations to come.

We have a grand vision. We have a great plan. We’re offering an abundance of amazing opportunities and unique experiences, but most importantly we’re offering you the opportunity to join us in our vision.

We look forward to sharing our dream with you and truly appreciate your support .